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Roly-Poly Hill

Last year, I visited a friend at their new house; as soon as I arrived, there was a feeling of familiarity, a sense of déjà vu, not for the house, but the place – the area: even though I had … Continue reading

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The Value of Friendship

Friendship is a strange and mysterious mutual feeling of trust, support and affection between two people, you cannot see it; yet you can perceive it, you cannot touch it; yet you can feel it, you cannot hear it; yet you … Continue reading

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They may be rare, but they still hurt.

The extract shown below is the comment I wrote on the Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Petition to the World Health Organisation asking for Arachnoid Cysts to be recognised as a genuine and serious painful medical condition, which can, and often does, … Continue reading

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Washing Machine + Tardis = MRI Scanner

Photograph by Today was the day of my umpteenth and first MRI Scan, first you may ask, “What does MRI stand for?  Mouse Repellent Insect, Mother Riley’s Invention or Mateus Rosé Imbibed”, not surprisingly, it is none of these … Continue reading

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