Arachnoid Cyst Walk n Wheel UK 2011

Saturday 16th April is a very special day to all of us in the United Kingdom who have an Arachnoid Cyst; it is also a very special day to all of our friends and families.  Why is it so special?  Because the 16th April is the date on which the first ever major walk or demonstration to raise Arachnoid Cyst Awareness in the UK, will take place; those of us with ACs,  are trying to raise awareness within the medical profession, and general public; that we are not hypochondriacs or people with vivid imaginations.  We are just ordinary people, trying to lead ordinary lives, with the very real pain and problems caused by ACs.

Why are we demonstrating?  Because the majority of neurologists and neurosurgeons we meet regard ACs as benign malformations not worth bothering with.  An example of this was my first AC, which was first seen in X-rays taken when I was thirteen, then seen again in scans when I was twenty-nine, but not diagnosed until I was thirty-seven when I had a shunt, which did not work.   I know this because at that time I had a very good neurologist who had been researching the history of my epilepsy and found notes on the AC, being a very open man he told me what he had found.  I now have a second AC.

Apart from epilepsy ACs can be responsible for a whole host of other symptoms, conditions and illnesses, such as ME, migraine, loss of limb coordination, disturbed balance, disturbed vision, persistent headaches and tiredness and the list goes on.

That’s the serious facts out of the way.  Now let us get on with the fun facts, like walking, taking part, sponsorship. As well as where to stay should you decide to take part.  Walking, the walk will start in Olney, near Milton Keynes, then go on to Emberton Park, a beautiful place, as you will see if you click the link.  Dog owners do not fret, dogs are welcome, and you can even get ‘Walk‘ n ’Wheel’ T-shirts for them.  And don’t worry about getting fit it’s only a two mile walk, which even I, with help from my walking stick can manage.  Although, if you are feeling really fit you could always go round twice!

Taking part, for those of you who live in the Taunton area I realise that it is a fair drive to Olney, but if any of you fancy a weekend away; it is a lovely part of Buckinghamshire; think about it.  You will be made very welcome.  If anyone who lives nearer would like to take the dog for a walk somewhere different, and help to raise money for a ‘not for profit’ organisation and cause, at the same time.  Then please sign up.  Would those wishing to register for the ‘Walk’ n ‘Wheel’ please click on the following link ‘Walk’ and ‘Wheel’ UK 2011.

If any of my friends can spare a  ‘couple of bob’ to sponsor me please click on Sponsor Chris, if you do sponsor me would you please put my name in the message box, thank you for your sponsorship.

Where to stay, if you would like to stay overnight you have a choice of the following:

The campsite Emberton Park

The Old Dairy

The Queen Hotel

If you think it is wrong of me to ask for sponsorship via a blog, then I apologise to you.  However, to me the Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Organisation is a cause very close to my heart, because without them, my voice would be one voice and very hard to hear over all the other voices.  But with them, my voice is one of many voices carrying the same message, and is therefore more likely to be heard.

If any of you out there have an AC or have a friend or relative who has one, then please come and join us.

Chris Rugg


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I'm a mental health advocate, sometime writer, dreamer and according to some friends a part-time alchemist!
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