‘Knowing’ and ‘The Law of Sod’

Two of my poems (I hesitate to call them that, but I’ve been told that’s what they are) in the first I try to describe the beliefs and feelings instilled by the continuous, rapid fire and chaotic thoughts which, so many with clinical depression experience.  The second, a more light hearted observation on one of our most encountered ‘laws’, The Law of Sod.  Both of these poems describe feelings mentioned in my first blog Vinegar .


Irrational, untouchable thoughts overwhelm my mind
Electric sparks, bolts of lightning, claps of thunder
Vainly I try to hold them
As if ‘That’ were a reality.
The source
Within me:
Will not be stemmed.

Surrounded by friends and family
Faces laughing, smiling
Full of purpose.
Knowing where they are going
Knowing where they are

I am in isolation, in solitude,
Imposed by fear…….
Fear of contact,
Fear of being judged.
Solitude a fleeting comfort
Prelude to desire for company
Prelude to desire for solitude

The desire to be as I was
HOW! I do not know
Knowing that once I was.
Now, I am not
The thoughts are back
I cannot think any more.

Chris Rugg

November 2010


I need to talk, not text talk, not cyber talk, not telephone talk, but face-to-face talk,
I need to feel the presence, hear the reply, to sense the mood,
I need to see the eyes, the lips, the face, hands and body talk,
Then why today of all days is there no one, not a soul to talk to‼

Why? Because family, friends and confidantes live their own lives,
They are planets in my universe, as I am but one planet in theirs,
So, until our orbits coincide, I shall have to wait,
Oh, Bugger!  That bloody damnable Law of Sod‼

Chris Rugg

November 2008

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About wurzelmeone

I'm a mental health advocate, sometime writer, dreamer and according to some friends a part-time alchemist!
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3 Responses to ‘Knowing’ and ‘The Law of Sod’

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  2. Louise Berry says:

    You always know how to put into words thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express Chris.

    • wurzelmeone says:

      Thanks Louise. There are times when I’m lucky and the right words come to mind, there are also times when I spend hours (even days) trying to think of the right words.

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