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Doing a favour

So there I am sitting outside in the late spring sunshine, absolutely engrossed in a book.  When from the distance I hear someone shouting ‘Chris, Chris, can you help me?’  I look up and see that it is Sue from … Continue reading

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Black Sparks

When you see this blog you may think “Here we go again”, because it is about depression you may think he’s a miserable b****r.  I can assure you that I am not, and I hope my friends will testify to … Continue reading

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Washing Machine + Tardis = MRI Scanner

Photograph by Today was the day of my umpteenth and first MRI Scan, first you may ask, “What does MRI stand for?  Mouse Repellent Insect, Mother Riley’s Invention or Mateus Rosé Imbibed”, not surprisingly, it is none of these … Continue reading

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I’m Fine

A couple of years ago while out walking I met an old work colleague.  He was a “stiff upper lip, pull yourself together” sort of person who thought that people with a mental illness were either “lead swingers” or homicidal … Continue reading

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As you will probably guess this is my first blog, so I would be grateful for any comments on ways to improve my blogging (that sounds strange doesn’t it) but you know what I mean.   I have had clinical … Continue reading

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